Higher team performance doesn’t happen by accident

Our team development solutions will help you unlock what’s been holding your team back from next level performance.

Stop wasting your time and money on one-and-done trainings and team building events that don’t create lasting change. Through these signature solutions, tailor-fit to the context of our clients, we’ve seen teams change the game in how they relate and perform. 

Our Signature Solutions


Team Performance Coaching

Work together better. Deliver high impact results. 

As a leadership team with the high demand to deliver, you can’t afford to be stuck interacting in unproductive ways that don’t get you—or the teams you lead—to the end game of high impact results. 

In this specialized approach, you’ll not only gain the skills you need to “team together” better, but the chance to practice them in your real work until they stick. 

Through team and stakeholder interviews, you’ll pinpoint where you need to be more effective. Then, through training and team coaching in real time in your real work, you’ll see what’s holding you back and shift in the moment to more productive interactions. With an intentional focus on your growth, you’ll see sustained higher team performance that translates to higher impact results. 


Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching 

Lead with strengths. Increase team engagement + productivity. 

What gives? You’re under pressure to perform and know you have a great team; yet you aren’t seeing the results you know they have the potential to deliver nor enthusiasm for the work.

By focusing on strengths, your leaders will get the best out of your people.  In this coaching process, we’ll help leaders go beyond the buzz words of “strengths-based leadership” to the real value of integrating a strengths-based culture into the way you work, coach, and lead.  Get the higher engagement + better performance you know your team is capable of when you lead with strengths.  

CliftonStrengths assessments used in the strengths revolution. 


Leadership Culture Reboot

Make culture visible. Enable team success.

Is your culture the cause of drag on your team’s performance? Maybe your team is newly formed with people holding on to their old ways of doing things or playing it safe and not speaking up out of fear of what will happen.  

Leadership Culture Reboot makes your intangible culture visible and the desired culture known so you can finally put a plan in place to close the gap.  By assessing the current and desired leadership culture and understanding how each leader is contributing to it, you’ll reveal what the team needs to address.  With an action plan in hand, we’ll partner together through coaching to reboot to a more productive culture that enables your team’s success.  

The Collective Leadership Assessment™ and The Leadership Circle Profile assessments used in the reboot. 


Connect, Communicate & Collaborate Better Workshop

Know each other better. Accelerate team performance.

Do you have a new team? Or maybe bold personalities that seem to clash?  Well the pressure to deliver results doesn’t slow down long enough for your team to figure out how best to work together.  

In this value-packed day, you’ll expedite the process of getting to know personalities and style preferences so you can work together better.  By gaining insight into what each team member needs to get stuff done, communicate best, and be energized by the work, you’ll have the keys to unlock more effective interactions so you can accelerate performance.

Personalysis® assessments used to get to know each other.


Slay Wicked Problems More Effectively with Polarity Thinking Workshop

Solve complex problems. Get to the best outcomes. 

Centralize or Decentralize? Innovate or Stay the Same?  Your team doesn’t have to be caught in the back and forth pendulum of problem solving. There is another way.  

Let’s face it: your world is too complex to boil solutions down to either / or thinking.  In this workshop, your team will learn how to navigate the wicked problems you face by getting the upsides of the solutions that seem at odds.  Through this results-focused experienced, your team will stop wasting precious time on problem solving when leveraging polarity thinking will get you to better outcomes.   

Polarity Thinking ™ and the PACT ™ processes are used to slay.

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